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VIP Travel has been managing group travel for over 20 years.

Group travel requires exceptional attention to detail, advanced web based registration together with outstanding negotiation skills. With VIP Travel on your side, you will get all of the above “complimentary”. Together with our advanced marketing and technological skills, our team will ensure that your group’s travel will be seamless and a huge success.

We manage a full array of group travel, including but not limited to management retreats & conferences, School language exchange programs, family re-union and celebration groups.

Religious Tours

Are you planning a spiritually uplifting adventure to watch the villagers of Oberammergau bring the story of Jesus of Nazareth to life? Maybe you want to go on a missionary to assist those in need or a pilgrimage designed to nurture your own soul? Holy sites are becoming more accessible  worldwide and visitors often travel these sites to strengthen their spiritual connections ~ our VIP Travel group specialist can assist you to join one of our Religious tours, or help you plan a pilgrimage for your own group.

School Groups

There is nothing more inspiring for young minds than an educational school trip. We have been organizing safe, secure and exciting trips all over the world. We arrange educational itineraries from subject-specific trips to pick-and-mix options from a range of accommodation services, activities and tours to suit your needs. Some examples of our projects include:

– High school band trip to Hawaii including playing on stage at Kapiolani Park and Ala Moana shopping centre.

– French language exchange program to Quebec.

– Dance school combining a contest with Disneyland!

– local football team visits California and we added surf lessons to their itinerary.

– University soccer teams travelling to the US.

We can tailor to your learning objectives with our Pick and Mix style. Design your school trip to your individual needs and include exciting additional activities for an element of fun. See below for some of the subjects we can handle.

The following destinations and itineraries are samples only –  just a taste of the many subjects on offer! Call if your subject or destination is not included.

History – Languages – Art and Design – Geography – Social Studies – Science and Nature


See the actual places and sites where history was created! Tour the great Coliseum where gladiators once battled or see ancient Greek ruins where Greek Mythology was imagined. Inspire students’ imaginations and take them on a history trip that brings the past to life.


What better way to learn a language than immersion in the culture and land of that language?
Go on a Language Trip to mix with locals while practising your conversational skills. Students take so much from getting out there and practicing in real situations while enjoying the country and seeing the sights.

Art and Design

Get away from the classroom walls and inspire. Go on an Art and Design Trip and stir the creativity of your students through travel. Experience diverse environments from bright modern cities tor rural mountain getaways, each artistically stimulating in their own way.


Bring your students to fantastic geographical sites. Watch them learn and develop their knowledge and passion for their subject. Geography trips will help them learn and become inspired by natural wonders of the world – the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Mount Vesuvius in Italy and more.

Social Studies

Social Studies is integral for students, and can be brought to life through travel and actually seeing parliament and the establishments and institutions of justice for themselves. Travel in powerful countries like America or European destinations can facilitate learning about political issues and current affairs in a richer, more textured way.

Science and Nature

Take your students on a Science and Nature Trip to see new and wonderful environments.
They’ll experience new climates, species of animals and geographical wonders like volcanoes and vast mountain peaks.

University/Post Secondary Groups

VIP Travel has managed many sports teams for colleges and universities. This ranges from the entire hockey roster to top players travelling for scholarship opportunities. We also deal with International Case Competitions for universities travelling abroad with their top minded individuals in respective categories. With our experience, contacts, and lucrative contracts, we can ensure every style group from a university or college is taken care of with the VIP Difference.

Students river-rafting for school group travel near Vancouver, CA

Sports Groups

VIP Travel handles a wide variety of sports team travel – from school team sports to swim or gymnastic meets to Alumni sport tournaments. If your team travels for games or tournaments, we can help.  We offer dedicated consultants to help you organize your team’s travel including team members, coaches, and family members.  We include things like detailed itineraries, personalized luggage tags, private airport check in and more.  Contact us today to learn more about how VIP Travel can help your team travel better!

Family Groups

Has it been years since you’ve been face to face with extended family … If your main source of hearing news from relatives is on Facebook or through the occasional tweet, maybe it’s time for a reunion … We know that planning a family reunion can be a daunting experience – but one where the rewards far outweigh the challenges of getting everyone together.

Let our VIP Travel Group Specialists take the challenge out of bringing family members together and leave you to savour the reward and life-long memories of reconnecting with them. Many resorts cater to families these days, offering all-inclusive convenience and value ~ watch years of distance melt away in a tropical setting. The decks of a ship cruising the islands of Hawaii or the Caribbean would also be a fantastic value. The interesting ports of call and activities on a cruise, appeal to the young and young-at-heart and will keep everyone as busy or as relaxed as they want to be. Explore your heritage in Iceland, Scotland or England. As with many areas of travel, the possibilities and destinations are endless.

Whether you’re looking for a long weekend getaway with the kids and grandparents, or a family reunion, VIP Travel’s friendly, experienced consultants can make suggestions and options to suit your family’s time AND budget.

Corporate Meetings

At VIP Travel, we can help organise an incentive group or corporate meeting. Gifts of travel can go a long way in motivating staff to keep reaching those “Top Performance” goals and striving for both independent and company excellence.

Whether you want to host or join a conference, locally or worldwide; reward a particular team for consistently hitting the mark; or nurture a team to become those hard hitters, VIP Travel has the specialists to meet your needs. Let us handle all the details and negotiate a special price just for you.  We offer dedicated consultants who specialise in group travel as well as perks like personalised luggage tags, complete itineraries, and our 7/24 Rescue Line.

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