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All Inclusive Travel

Enjoy the convenience of booking an all inclusive vacation package with the best suppliers. You can relax by the pool sipping on a delicious cocktail with a loved one, or enjoy a lively atmosphere resort with a group of friends. Stroll along a stunning sun-kissed beach or take part in the daily activities and nightly entertainment being offered. We have packages for every occasion: family holiday, romantic getaway, stag parties, or business retreats. Our dedicated agent will assist you throughout your entire journey, all you have to do is inquire here so we can assign you a specialized agent.

Family Travel

Just because a couple has settled down with kids doesn’t mean their adventuring days are through. Family trips introduce kids to the inner workings of other cultures through language, sports, crafts and time with experts that bring what they learned in school into real life.

If one family member isn’t having a good time, nobody is. We ensure that each Family tour is given a recommended age rank so that the parents can decide if it is the ideal trip for their family or they would like another option. We show our families an array of options after validating their responses and going through our questionnaire. Our family trips deliver a seamless mix of adventure and education that’s so much fun  they won’t even realize they’re learning something the whole time.

Adventure Travel

VIP Travel offers the widest selection of adventure travel, to the most destinations. Hike, dive, sail or taste your way around the planet. Not sure where to start? Inquire here so that we can begin to book a ‘YOLO’ style trip for you and some friends. Our passionate adventure experts can create the perfect adventure for you!

Whatever your definition, our beautiful planet provides it in spades – iconic mountains, thunderous rivers and theatrical coastlines make the perfect playground for an activity holiday. You could escape on a cycling tour, marvel at the mountains on foot or on skis, come face to face with the world’s precious wildlife or delve deep into another culture.

Whether you know exactly what you want, restricted on dates and need to know what the options are, or just want to talk through some ideas, you can speak to one of our experienced adventure travel agents. We never outsource to call centres.

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